Hail Mary

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin

(never known to fail)

Oh most beautiful,flower of mount caramel,fruitful vine,splendor of heaven.

Blessed mother of the Son of God,immaculate Virgin assist me in my necessity.Oh,Star of the Sea,help me & show me you are my mother.Oh Holi Mary,Mother of God,Queen of Heaven and Earth,I humbly beseech you,from the botton of my heart to succor me in my necessity(make request).There are none that can withstand your power.

Oh,Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee(3 time).Holy Mother,I place this prayer in your hands.(3 times)Say this prayer 3 consecutive  days.Publish will be granted to you

Grateful Thanks.Sanjy


Aquarium of the Salish Sea

When we first entered the Ocean Discovery center a massive deep sea elevator in the lobby caught our eye. Designed as a huge submarine hatch wheel with sea water bubbling in the glass around is awesome.

To add to that the ride is equally thrilling because it depicts a sub taking you up from the bottom of the ocean, grinding and jolting a little. Sounds of the machine and sloshing and splashing of the ocean is seen through the glass ceiling also making it live. It also reminds of the rides of Disneyland in California.

Inside the aquarium hundreds of animals of different sizes swim and live in the same habitat. Each unique displaying the beauty of the deep sea. The rep said all the animals are from the Vancouver island area which is cool. A nice place to study the animals of the ocean.

Children and adults all make the crowd at the centre enjoying the animal kingdom. At the end of the touring a open aquarium is handy to touch and feel the live animals.

This aquarium is located in Sidney BC, a few minutes drive from the Swartz Bay ferry terminal and half an hours drive from downtown Victoria.


Electric Car Plug – in Power

The capital of BC, Victoria has a electric – vehicle charging station. While cruising around the Inner Harbor I noticed  a gasoline fuelling station which is actually for electric vehicles, even though the spout has a plug.

A couple pulled in and just inserted the plug into the compartment which houses the socket. Boom it started charging, and it is totally free to use.

I was told that there is a few level 2 charging stations around town attached to hotels for motorists which is cool. It also dispenses the same amount of energy to a washer or dryer outlet.

To bring new clean energy vehicles and not to pollute is the way to go! and free charging stations is inviting.

This public electric charge station is located in the drive way of the Empress Hotel.